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DOGCARE UT01 Dog Repeller No Dog Noise Anti Barking Device Double Ultrasonic Electronic Dog Training 2 Mode With LED Flash Light

DOGCARE UT01 Dog Repeller No Dog Noise Anti Barking Device Double Ultrasonic Electronic Dog Training 2 Mode With LED Flash Light

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Why do you need this double ultrasonic dog repeller?
1.Simple design,comfortable grip
2.Dual ultrasonic emitters,more powerful
3.Longer transmission distance,up to 7.6 meters
4.Strobe lights increase deterrence
5.Set the switch key to prevent false triggering
6.2 gears to stop barking mode,suitable for dogs with different personalities
7.Button vibration feedback, clear perception of work instructions
8.The status light displays the working status and power status in real time

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The bark control device is not applicable for the following situations: 1.Aggressive dogs(Bulldog) and hearing-impaired dogs

2.Dogs under 6 months or over 8 years

3.Dogs with droopy ears,as shown in the following figure


Deterrent Mode — 'Uh Uh Quit It'

Upon pressing the DETER button, the ultrasonic dog barking deterrent will emit a higher intensity ultrasonic sound combined with the strobe light, telling your dog to refrain from his/her current inappropriate behavior. Useful for putting a stop to excessive barking, climbing on furniture, begging for food, digging in the trash, and so on.

Training Mode — 'Let's Learn A Trick'

Unlock a world of possibilities for training. Want a handy command sound to train your dog? Just press the TRAIN button and the stop dog barking device UT01 will give a lower intensity ultrasonic sound to assist you in everyday dog training activities. So versatile and easy-to-use, the EDGE dog bark silencer makes training faster and more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Dual Ultrasonic Speakers for More Powerful Sound, Wider Range, and Longer Distance

The pet gentle barking control device UT01 features dual ultrasonic speakers enabled by cutting-edge technology. The bark stopper's dual-speaker system is meticulously arranged so that the ultrasonic sound is more powerful than ever, smashing the benchmark for deterrence performance in an ultrasonic training accessory. The two speakers combined also drastically increase the range of coverage and the effective distance to 25 feet.

100% Pet Safe & Dog-Friendly Design

Have you ever feel sorry for wear a collar for your dog all day? With this ultrasonic training and anti barking device, no worry about if your dog feels painful or uncomfortable. The humane ultrasonic bark stopper and training device entirely free your dog from collars!

Rechargeable and Long-Lasting
Recharges with standard USB included in the box, which works with computer ports, portable power banks, and existing USB power adapters. The DOG CARE anti bark device standby time is up to 6 months.

Vibration Feedback

No worry about not perceiving the ultrasound. Whenever you send an ultrasonic sound to your dog, the DOG CARE pet gentle ultrasonic anti barking device will vibrate slightly, so you feel the silent command. In this way, the likelihood of misoperation will also be minimized.

High-Power Strobe Light

Under the deterrent mode, the ultrasonic sound of DOG CARE pet gentle anti barking device is accompanied by a high-power strobe light, providing added deterrence. Take advantage of this amazing feature even in the dark night.


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1.Ships within 24-48 hours,the warehouse has stock

2.1 year warranty,any problems with the product can be repaired free of charge

3.Customer service 24 hours online answer

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